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For information on Juliann’s clinical practice, please see the following links:
Psychology Today Profile
Amplify Colectivo (group private practice)
Everwell Health and Counseling (private practice)

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I am a clinical social worker in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and am currently working both in private practice as well as academic research. If you are interested in my therapy services and would like to schedule a session or consultation, please refer to my Psychology Today profile, my private practice websites (Amplify Colectivo or Everwell Counseling) or contact me directly through this website and specify your inquiry in the message.

Throughout my journey to licensure and completion of graduate studies, I have posted clinical assessments of fictional figures in pop culture to discuss mental health today, as well as posing relevant research questions and personal reflections about the clinical field. Followers will be notified of posts (around monthly frequency) via email. While I am currently on hiatus from this website, I am continuing to receive and check emails, and I am always open to hearing suggestions or comments.


I am the creator of The Character Clinic, an online center containing pop culture xCC2psychological assessments. These case studies are meant to instigate questions related to the role of mental health in media. For example, in Marvel’s Avengers, how does PTSD and anxiety affect tough Tony “Iron Man” Stark, or how does veteran depression affect the American role model Steve “Captain America” Rogers? In addition, due to the confidential nature of counseling and therapy, using fictional characters serves as a form of practice and discussion that does not breach any patient disclosure agreements. I analyze the cinematic evidence presented and write a suggested clinical assessment. Commentary and discussion on these case studies are highly encouraged.


I plan to post relevant research and clinical material throughout post-graduate work. My research interests include schizophrenia and depression, positive psychology, stigma, and barriers to mental health care in minority populations. At the University of Michigan, my degree specialization was in social work is interpersonal practice of mental health, and I am continuing to conduct research on stigma, schizophrenia and psychosis as a post-MSW fellow with a professor in the School of Social Work.

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me.
My bio is available here.

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